wedding planner in the hudson valley

Eugenia K.

We had our wedding originally planned for October 2020, but had to postpone until May due to Covid. We ended up cancelling our May wedding due to the unpredictability of restriction guidelines. This put us in contact with Emily for almost 2 years of wedding planning. She was an absolute gem throughout the process and we can’t imagine how we would have managed all the changes without her. Prior to the pandemic, Emily helped us establish a design for our wedding and was completely hands on in making our vision come to life. She went above and beyond and would have done way more for us than expected on our wedding day. We have met up with Emily multiple times as she always wanted to be there to meet with different vendors and pick out items for our design. Although we didn’t get to have our wedding, she was incredibly understanding and helpful. Emily is an amazing asset in the wedding planning process but an even better person to know!

– Eugenia K. (Wedding Wire)


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