“After attempting to plan my wedding on my own for months following our engagement, my insane work schedule wasn’t allowing me to take the time I needed to and I knew I needed help to actually get this thing planned. Enter Emily. At a friend’s wedding, I noticed how well-executed and reflective of their personalities the evening was. I knew this was the type of partner I needed in creating our own wedding weekend. Over the course of two years from engagement to wedding day, Emily ensured our priorities and deadlines were met. She met me where I was in terms of communication (literally… she quickly realized texting me got a response way faster than email) and was a guide for every step along the way. So much of the logistics of our wedding day I knew she had handled–allowing us to truly be guests at our own wedding. I cannot recommend Emily enough. Her compassion, patience, warmth, and professionalism make her the perfect champion for your day.” – Kit H. on Wedding Wire

Kit H.

“Going into wedding planning, I had no clue what to expect. The venue we selected required us to bring everything onto the property from silverware to heating. Emily helped me work through this entire process and honestly made it fun! She was incredibly patient with me as we worked together on larger scale items as well as smaller detailed arrangements that I would not have thought of without her. Her experience and great taste in design choices allowed for everything to come together seamlessly.”Melissa G.

Melissa G.

“I don’t know what we did to get so lucky, but our wedding was the best day of our lives and we have Emily to thank for that. Organized and patient, Emily was always game to hear our crazy ideas, switch up the plans, or visit non-traditional venues with us (we searched for months lol). She understood our vision right away, curated a dream team of vendors for us, and designed every inch of our wedding day perfectly. Even post-wedding, we’ve been texting to swoon over sneak peeks, tell stories, and relive the day. Emilys an expert, and she honestly cares about the work she does and her clients and it shows. Not only was Emily amazing to work with, but now we get to call her a friend. We love you, Em!” – Marisa O.

Marisa O.

The amount of times Emily reassured me I wasn’t crazy easily paid for her services. My husband and I hired Emily back in 2019 to help plan and execute our wedding weekend in upstate NY. To be honest, I went back and forth on whether I needed a planner. I’m a creative person and we already had our venue and all our main vendors booked. In the end, hiring Emily was the BEST decision we made. Like so many 2020 couples, when we booked our fall wedding, little did we know we would be battling a global pandemic. Having Emily by our side to help navigate and make decisions in such an unknown atmosphere saved our wedding (and my sanity)! On top of all the postponement and re-planning stress, we were also dealing with an extremely rude and uncompromising venue. Emily stood by us arm-in-arm through all our struggles and reassured us that no matter what, our wedding would end up being perfect – and she was right! Emily’s laid-back yet resilient personality was the perfect fit for our own quirky personalities and sense of humor. By the time our wedding weekend came, we truly felt like Emily was a friend who sincerely wanted us to just relax and enjoy our special day. Emily, if you’re reading this, Hi, I miss you! If you are on the fence about hiring a planner, do yourself the biggest favor and hire Emily.

– Liz G. (Wedding Wire and The Knot)

Liz G.

As the 5 stars above indicate, Emily is and was the best ever. We are so grateful for everything she did for us both prior to and the day of our unforgettable wedding weekend (thanks to her). Emily turned what could have been a stressful planning process, into something easy and fun. She always went above and beyond with communication and was always available when we needed her. You name it, we asked it, and she answered it (and if she was not sure, best believe she found the answer). From day 1, Emily was warm, inviting, and personable. She did an incredible job bringing our wedding day vision to life. If you are still reading this review, stop what you are doing, reach out and hire Emily immediately. You will not regret it! Not only are we thankful that Emily was our wedding planner, we are thankful that we can now call her a friend.

– Zachary C. (Wedding Wire)

Zachary C.

We had our wedding originally planned for October 2020, but had to postpone until May due to Covid. We ended up cancelling our May wedding due to the unpredictability of restriction guidelines. This put us in contact with Emily for almost 2 years of wedding planning. She was an absolute gem throughout the process and we can’t imagine how we would have managed all the changes without her. Prior to the pandemic, Emily helped us establish a design for our wedding and was completely hands on in making our vision come to life. She went above and beyond and would have done way more for us than expected on our wedding day. We have met up with Emily multiple times as she always wanted to be there to meet with different vendors and pick out items for our design. Although we didn’t get to have our wedding, she was incredibly understanding and helpful. Emily is an amazing asset in the wedding planning process but an even better person to know!

– Eugenia K. (Wedding Wire)

Eugenia K.

“I’m not sure how I can write how amazing Emily really was throughout the entire process in this review. It just really won’t get across. Emily was amazing. Once she had a general idea of the vibe of our wedding and our desires for the vendors, she took control and made everything so much easier for myself, my mother, and my husband. She never disappeared and was so easy to get in contact if there was ever a question about the process of our wedding night. On our wedding night (her 30th birthday), she was absolutely fabulous. She timed everything to exactly how we wanted and checked in on us throughout. All the little things that Emily provided and helped with are never not noticed. She was absolutely wonderful. If anyone is having doubts about if they need a wedding planner, the answer should be, yes you really do and it should be Emily.”
– Alison S.

Alison S.

“Emily was truly a lifesaver and, through the process, became a friend. She completely understood my daughter and now son-in-law’s vision and worked with our vendors to seamlessly create a wedding wonderland. No detail was too small, and Emily handled EVERYTHING. Our venue (Senate Garage) was about 2 hours away so it was so important for us to rely on Emily. You owe it to yourself to use Emily – you will NOT be disappointed.”
– Nina S.

Nina S.

“My wedding hasn’t even happened yet but I can safely say Emily is the best wedding related decision i’ve made besides deciding to marry my FH. She’s so on top of every detail, she makes herself so available, she is kind and cares about your wedding AND your experience while planning. I’ve spoken to many planners before I found Emily and NO ONE did all she did and as well as she did. Not to mentioned she’s an extremely skilled designer! I’ve had a lot of challenges with other venue related elements with respect to my wedding and Emily has assured me made me feel confident that she’ll find solutions to any problems that come up and she has. I’m a very detail oriented person myself so to find someone who is also like minded was so important to me! I’ll write another review once we actually have the wedding but I didn’t want anyone to miss out on the opportunity to work with Emily! There are few like her in the business! Book her today! Thank you so much Emily :)”
– Rachael S.

Rachael S.

“Emily was recommended to me for planning. I had spoken with a number of planners and I just didn’t get that they were listening to what I needed but, Emily did. I’ve realized that planning an event is no easy task especially with a great amount of details. I’ve watched her, within one week put everything together! I could tell she was having the time of her life, in her glory, doing exactly what she’s meant to be doing. She’s trendy, shes fun, everything she designed was beautiful. She even had a glass of rose ready or us! I enjoyed working with Emily and hope she has free time in future to help me plan other events because I am sure she will be booked.”
– Dana P.

Dana P.