Day-Of Wedding Coordinator Package

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If you’re looking for a day-of wedding planner in the Hudson Valley, this package is that and so much more! We go above and beyond and start working together two months out. If you’ve booked all of your vendors and are looking for on-site assistance from a wedding planner to make sure your Hudson Valley or Catskills Mountain wedding goes smoothing, we’ll take it from here. Our day-of wedding coordination package starts two months before your wedding day to make sure everything is taken care of before your wedding day. We help with:

  1. Coordination of Booked Vendors: We’ll take the reins and communicate with all your vendors, ensuring they have the necessary information and timelines. We’ll confirm their services, manage any last-minute changes, and ensure everyone is on the same page.
  2. Finalizing the Timeline and Floorplan: Timing is crucial on your wedding day, and we’ll work closely with you to create a detailed timeline that ensures a seamless flow of events. We’ll also assist in finalizing the floorplan, optimizing the layout to maximize comfort and elegance.
  3. Design Management and Assistance: Our team has an eye for aesthetics and will provide valuable input on the overall design elements of your wedding. From table settings to decor, we’ll offer suggestions and assistance to create a cohesive and visually stunning atmosphere.
  4. Communication with Couple and Vendors: We understand that effective communication is vital for a successful wedding day. Two months prior to the wedding, we’ll take charge of all communication, serving as the point of contact for both you and your vendors. This ensures that everyone is informed and prepared.
  5. Walkthrough of Ceremony Rehearsal: To ensure a flawless ceremony, we’ll conduct a walkthrough of the rehearsal the day before the big day. Our team will guide the wedding party, making sure everyone knows their roles and the sequence of events. This ensures that your ceremony proceeds without a hitch.
  6. Full Day-of Wedding Coordination: On your wedding day, our team will be on-site from start to finish, overseeing all aspects of the event. We’ll manage the logistics, coordinate with vendors, and handle any unexpected issues that may arise, allowing you and your loved ones to fully enjoy the day.

Looking for a day-of coordinator in the Hudson Valley? This package is that and more. For couples who have all of their vendors booked and are looking for a planner to step in two months before the wedding date to coordinate the timeline, manage vendors, and on-site day-of coordination, this package is for you.

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